ExecuJet FBO and Hangar in Lagos Nigeria

While I was in Nigeria in July I had a chance to visit the ExecuJet FBO based in the Quits Aviation Center in Lagos.

As with any good International FBO, the facility has a VIP lounge for the passengers and a dispatch center and pilot lounge for the flight operations staff.

It is an impressive facility and even more impressive is the team of engineers and staff they have gathered together to deliver a first class maintenance organization in this remote African nation.

The hangar is spacious, clean, well lit and well equipped unlike any other such facility in Nigeria.

It wasn’t that long ago private jet owners had to fly out to Europe to get even the smallest repair done on their aircraft. Now with EASA and NCAA approvals for many of the major manufacturers, including Bombardier and Hawker Beechcraft, ExecuJet can provide complete line and unscheduled repair services in their hangar.

The owner of the Quits Aviation Center is promising more to come with an upgrade to the VIP lounge including a full restaurant and a 40 room luxury hotel in the works.

For more images of the ExecuJet FBO and Maintenance Hangar click on the link below:

ExecuJet Nigeria 07 2013

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