Bombardier Challenger 605 Demo Arrives in Nigeria

    ExecuJet Nigeria – Quits Aviation Center Lagos, Nigeria

The newest Challenger 605 flew into Lagos late last night arriving during a furious thunderstorm. A lightning strike over the field took out our power leaving us in the dark momentarily as we stood outside waiting for the aircraft to come taxiing up in the pouring rain. The backup generators cut in just in time for the crew to be able to find their way onto our apron from where the marshaller led them to our front entrance.

Immigration and Security were waiting to clear the passengers and Customs cleared the aircraft right at our doorstep where the passengers disembarked into the waiting vehicles. The whole process was completed in minutes. I had just enough time to meet and greet the sales team before they headed to their hotels.

Bright and early the next morning I had a chance to view the interior and take a few pictures before the clients started arriving. An amazing aircraft that can cover a 4000 nm range at Mach 0.82 with 9-12 passengers. Non-stop to London or Dubai and one stop to Montreal or New York. But still economically feasible to use on the busiest route in Nigeria – Lagos to Abuja.

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