8th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Mayor’s Ride

The Mayor of Sturgis, in this case Maury LaRue, sponsors an escorted motorcycle “ride” each year at the Sturgis Rally. To help with the cause SD Governor Mike Rounds joined the ride as well. Holly and I decided to pay the $150 registration fee and follow along. It turned out to be an adventure in riding especially since the police had every single intersection blocked off for our benefit for the entire duration of the 110 mile ride. Needless to say we caused roadblocks everywhere we went but we never had to stop at a single red light or stop sign for the entire parade. That was not necessarily a good thing as our butts got awfully sore after 4 hours in the saddle. The objective of the ride, besides raising money for the Sturgis FireFighters, was to journey to Belle Fourche, the town that lays claim to the geographic “Center of America”. The Center of the Nation Monument is where we made our mid-ride stop and where this picture was taken.

2010 Sturgis Mayor's Ride

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Mayor of Sturgis – 2010 Ride for Charity

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