Bill Gates Plan to Change the World One African Country at a Time

Bill Gates: Here’s My Plan to Improve Our World — And How You Can Help

Ok to start with the plan is not to save the world but rather just to improve it. That is noble but with all the foundation’s billions you’d think he could do more than just make a few improvements here and there. The problem is that if money alone could save the world or solve the world’s problem then Bill Gates and associates would have done it already.

WM means William and Melinda but I am not sure what the 194 means if anything.

Government spends huge sums on schools. The state of California alone budgets roughly $68 billion annually for K-12, more than 100 times what our foundation spends in the entire United States. How could we have an impact on an area where the government spends so much? Bill Gates.

Sixty eight billion a year in California alone! That is a mind blowing staggering figure. So what good can the Gates Foundation really do? Well you will have to read the article to find out but in a nutshell he has tackled the problem with integrity, intelligence and pie-charts.

His philosophy is to encourage, financially and actively, the governments, corporations, agencies, and local philanthropist to step up and do their part and to strategically invest smaller amounts where the potential for doing good is compounded.

Bill Gates Visits Nigeria On Polio Eradication Drive As Polio Cases Drop 50%

We work to draw in not just governments but also businesses, because that’s where most innovation comes from. Bill Gates.

The Microsoft cofounder, who was joined by Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, expressed hopes that his latest Nigerian visit would strengthen the Gates Foundation’s partnership with Nigeria in eradicating polio.

Bill Gates Foundation’s Global Express XRS at the ExecuJet FBO in the Quits Aviation Center Lagos Nigeria

This is where the Bombardier Global Express XRS comes in handy. With the Global he can follow his dreams to make the world a better place by using a tool that makes the world a much smaller place.

Gates Foundation’s Global Express XRS in Lagos. Construction on the Quits Aviation Center hotel and restaurant going on in the background

I am a devout fan of capitalism. It is the best system ever devised for making self-interest serve the wider interest. This system is responsible for many of the great advances that have improved the lives of billions—from airplanes to air-conditioning to computers. Bill Gates.

Anticipation of the arrival of Bill Gates at the ExecuJet FBO in Nigeria

Bill Gates having a meet and greet on the apron of the Quits Aviation Center in Lagos Nigeria.

Aliko Dangote and Sam Iwuajoku meeting with Bill Gates at the Quits Aviation Center in Lagos Nigeria

And then there is me.

Click on the image below for all the N194WM Global Express XRS images.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Visit to Lagos

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