After Jurassic World: The Age of the Amphibian

Long after the age of the reptiles we still have a unique species of flying amphibians, specifically called amphibian seaplanes, gracing the world’s oceans and skies. One of the toughest, most agile and graceful of this amphibian species is the Cessna Grand Caravan, scientifically known as the C208B EX G1000 8750.

The secret to the success of utilizing, if not ultimately domesticating, these amazing but potentially edgy creatures is to have a “Seaplane Whisperer” imprint on them immediately after delivery just like an avian biologist would imprint on newly emerged hatchlings to become their surrogate “mother.” When there is more than one the flight capable amphibians will join in flocks, sometimes called fleets, where the whisperer will pacify them, like a zookeeper facing a pride of lions at feeding time, by winning the trust of the most willing beta leader and fostering a strong social bond with the rest of the flock.

Getting the respect and earning the trust of these large, fast, powerful and highly intelligent creations is not easy. You have to show patience and perseverance and never waiver from your role as the alpha leader.

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The Seaplane Whisperer

Becoming the alpha will only work if the Seaplane Whisperer has many years of experience in handling these amphibians, knows everything about the behaviour of these creatures and can confidently assert omega conditioning on them so pilots can ride, or in this case “drive” them safely.

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The history of the amphibian goes back to the beginning of the dark and brooding cosmos.

Once the Seaplane Whisperer establishes behavioral conditioning, sometimes known as standard operating procedures, he can in turn teach seaplane pilots how to fly the amphibian seaplane much like cowboys are taught how to ride a horse “broke” under the saddle.

There are two categories of seaplane pilots. The ones that just show up to ride the amphib, without displaying the proper respect or reverence, are known as Seaplane Drivers. Seaplane Drivers often injure their seaplane during rough operations or worse cause injuries among bystanders when they lose control of their rides.

If the beginning, the amphibian was the first to find its way out to the emerging islands.

Those who choose to care for and bond with their rides become known as Seaplane Keepers. Seaplane Keepers will take the extra effort to garner respect and trust while still maintaining control of their rides ensuring that they both remain accident and injury free.

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When the sky, the earth and the oceans met the amphibian straddled all three worlds.

If you are expecting delivery of, or already own, an amphibian seaplane and you wish to train a potential seaplane pilot as a “keeper” please seek out a professional seaplane whisperer – one who understands how to put these immensely utilitarian beasts into best practice and can teach your pilot to master them on the land, on the water and in the skies.

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Hunting strategy: Note the amphibian seaplane circling behind its prey the Megayachtasauras.

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The allusive flying amphibian is equally at home in the air as it is in the water or on the land.


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