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If the picture of the back of your head in a major life style magazine can make you famous then I may be on the right track. Check it out. Here is the back of my head…

Vault Magazine sent a writer and photographer on a flight with me a few months back. The idea came from the Editor-in-Chief David Celdran who flew in the seaplane with me when I dropped him on the beach in front of the Shangri-la Hotel in Boracay – a flight covered in my No Farewell to Summer story.

His magazine, published by ASB-CBN, was doing a special issue on the romance of leisure. He thought, and I agree, the seaplane is a perfect tool for the true ecologically conscience and leisurely traveller. Adventure without the pain and effort. Sitting back with legs crossed watching the islands of Palawan slip effortlessly under you as you speed along. Taking the seaplane to Palawan is as carefree and romantic as taking a leisurely stroll along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in Paris in the spring time.

I had hoped we could bring David’s writing/photography team along on a bright beautiful picture perfect day where the morning sun shines across the ancient cliffs of volcanic islands, born of fire and magma, being reshaped by tropical rains and reclaimed by flourishing coconut palms and flowering Frangipani. But that didn’t happen.

I had hoped that they may experience a stroll along a lonely beach leaving nothing but footprints in the sand. But that didn’t happen.

I had hoped to drop in on a gorgeous deserted tropical island where blue sky fuses to blue seas and tropical islands lie on the horizon like sleeping green iguanas in the simmering heat. But that didn’t happen.

I had hoped that they could lie on their back in the soft coral sand looking up at the sun through luminescent green coconut palm fronds and back-lit Bougainvillea. But that didn’t happen.

They had a deadline. The antithesis to the spirit of the Flâneur. So they joined me on a routine flight to Busuanga Bay Lodge in Northern Palawan on a cloudy rainy day.

In the end the story and images were more utilitarian and industrial and less bohemian and contemplative but in truth aviation is very technical. It takes more than a join-you-for-a-day photography team to capture the true romance of flying to islands in a seaplane. I have spent my life musing on the whimsical nature of exploring the world with seaplanes. I dream about blue lagoons, calms seas and flying to islands like a true Flâneur who has “no occupation in life but to chase along the highway of happiness.”  But like the writers and photographers with deadlines I have a job to do. Let me be your guide to discovering the world we inhabit.

To be away from home and yet to feel oneself everywhere at home; to see the world, to be at the centre of the world, and yet to remain hidden from the world—impartial natures which the tongue can but clumsily define.

Source: Flâneur – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

You can buy a hard copy of VAULT at fine bookstores throughout the Philippines or a digital copy online through the Android or iTunes app Zinio.

Vault writer Inigo. S. Roces, Photographer Paul Del Rosario

Instead of just looking at the back of my head you can also take a peak inside my head by reading  my thoughts of life on the road, or in this case in the skies, in my book of poetry Woodsmoke & Perfume : Flying to Island Series by Captain John S Goulet

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Woodsmoke & Perfume Poetry by John S Goulet

Poetry by John S Goulet

P.s., The Citizen Promaster EcoDrive watch in the pictures was just a dead weight to hold the pages of the magazine open. It is a titanium, crystal sapphire face, radio controlled, solar powered full feature E6B aviation calculator watch. It’s my favorite aviation watch. So what else does it do? It tells time.


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