The Manitoba Homesick Blues

Most people I know who live and work in the frozen north dream of retiring to a tropical country or at least hope to be able to take a long vacation down south to Florida, Mexico or Costa Rica every winter. But after working in the tropics for 35 years I miss my Manitoba where we enjoy both summer and winter. I am obviously suffering from the Manitoba Homesick Blues so I decided to post a few pictures of home.

Winter Blues

Winter ski and snowshoe trail on the Winnipeg River

The beautiful Blue Jay

The view in the summer, however, goes from blue to green.

Lac du Bonnet rainbow and reflection. It happened so fast I almost missed it.

The Winnipeg River widens out to become lake Lac du Bonnet

Sunshower and rainbow blazing in a gold glow

Storm leaving and another Manitoba rainbow

Manitoba Rainbow lighting up the lake

White crabapple blossoms in the warm morning light

Cedar Waxwing hiding in the Manitoba Maple branches

Wild plum tree blossoms

Wild plum tree blossoms

The sow-thistle

Summer Fun – Grand Beach Manitoba

And of course the best part of a Manitoba summer is the Barbecue

Sweet potato and coconut soup and garden salad

And not least is the Mrs holding it all together

Just to make this clear – I have yet to see snow this winter or any temperatures below 20 degrees C. Being in Manitoba over the winter might have changed my mind but…

I have a very boring

and lonely job.

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Air Transport Pilot, consultant, writer, blogger and photographer with 45 years in Professional Aviation.
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