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Although I am a pilot by profession and a motorcycle rider by heart, my interests are as broad as our world. Through my blog, I plan to continue writing about my life and the many-faceted events and topics that fascinate me. I can only hope that you will find my interests intriguing as well.

The first-row under the header lists the internal links to my posts, and the second-row contains external links to my other websites.

What’s New” is blog related news and updates.

Close to the Heart” places each blog into a distinct category – alphabetically – with each heading being self-explanatory. If you are only interested in seaplanes, then click on that link.

The “Who Are You” category is not so self-explanatory as it is self-exploratory. This category covers all the blogs that do not neatly fit into the listed headings.

The “Order of Things” is a list of my latest blogs in order of date published.

My Mind’s Eye” provides a background for who I am and what I represent with credos for each passion: writing, travelling, and motorcycles.

All the images are mine except where duly noted.


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