Traveller’s Credo

The Aches and Pains of Travelling

Travel adventure is a state of the mind where many people mistake it for a condition of the body. If someone tells me that they “travelled to Mexico” and then stayed in a 5-star luxury resort for two weeks, that is not travelling. If they visited the same resort and told me that they spent two days exploring the Chichen Itza Ruins and trekked through the jungle to get to the Coba ruins, then I might take notice. The relevant point that most wannabe travellers seem to miss is that you need to bring your body along.

If you can overcome the aches, pains, discomforts and inconveniences to your body, you just may have an adventure. Spending two days traversing the hot, sweaty jungle to visit a seldom seen ancient Mayan site is not easy. Scuba diving for 5 days of your 7 day holiday off the Cancun Peninsula is tiring and trying.

Of course, a soft bed and a hot shower in your luxury resort can help, but you still eventually have to leave your bed and your shower behind. The hardest part about starting your journey is getting out the door in the first place.

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